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Looking for a good place to eat in Alleppey (Allapuzha)?

Alleppey is a small town in south Kerala, attracting backpackers and tourists with its backwater boat trips.

Finding a restaurant in central Alleppey is not hard at all. You'll find a variation of restaurants, markets and street vendors. Most of the restaurants are located in Mullackal Road.

Since I was doing field work in Alleppey for two weeks (2011), I had lots of time to explore the Indian cuisine.

Most homestays, hotels and resorts in Alleppey have restaurants. But to get some food variety and getting to know town, it's better to eat out.

Thaff restaurant in Alleppey

Thali meal at Thaff restaurant in Alleppey


Thaff is very popular and in the heart of Alleppey town. We had to stand in a long queue to get seats, but we didn't wait long.

Great service too. They let us know that the food would be late (45 minutes to be exactly). There was a nice old man who served us.

I tried the egg noodles since I was temporarily tired of rice. The dish was good, but the chapati I tried was dry and luke warm. Mango lassi (Rs 20) wasn't good either, there was more yogurt than mango.

After trying the mango lassi at Ariya Niwas restaurant in Trivandrum, I thought that no mango lassis can compete with that! It wasn't just mine - the others I was with were also disappointed.

The second time I ate at Thaff it was cleaner, and they had painted the walls white! I tried the thali meal, and this time I was satisfied!

Naturally they can make thali meals better than noodle dishes. But the mango lassi is unforgiving.

Prices at Thaff: 

Thali meals: Rs 60 
Chicken biryani: Rs 65 
Veg dishes: Rs 15-75 
Chicken dishes: Rs 60-280 
Mutton dishes: Rs 60-70 
Fish dishes: Rs 80-150

Where: At the corner of Mullackal road and VCNB road

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Brufia Bakery

We probably went to Brufia Bakery every day in two weeks. Here you can get fresh bakery goods, samosas, dried fruits, chips and much more. It's good for the day trips in the backwater, picnic to Alleppey Beach or if you just get hungry for snacks.

Make sure to get there early in the day, or else much of it is gone!

For samosas, a bag with chilli chips and dried tapioca, I paid Rs 74. So, it's pretty cheap :-)

Where: Mullackal Road

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Indian Coffee House
near Alleppey Beach

Indian Coffee House is very convenient to Alleppey beach.

When we went there for lunch, there wasn't much people.

I tried the poori masala (Rs 21), but compared to other places in Kerala, it was tasteless. The poori bread was good, but not the red sauce that came with it. OK place and OK service. The best part was the fact we could sit under a roof, away from the scorching sun and at the same time get sea breeze.

Where: Beach road

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Kream Korner

Mutton spring roll at Kream Korner in Alleppey

There were a lot of foreigners here, and the food was OK from my part.

The mutton spring rolls were good, but not as crispy as I'm used to.

One of the others tried the Malai Kofta and she thought it was really delicious. She finished the whole thing, and wanted more!

Here we also had to wait for at least 40 minutes before we got the food, but they let us know.

Prices at Kream Korner:

  • Veg dishes: from Rs 25 
  • Chicken dishes: from Rs 75 
  • Ice cream: from Rs 12

Where: Mullackal Road

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Hot Kitchen

Thali meal at Hot Kitchen in Alleppey, Kerala

We stumbled upon this place during our shopping in Alleppey. The thali meals here were super cheap! Rs 34 to be exact. It was a good thali meal.

The place was clean enough, but the washing sink looked like an urinal.

Prices at Hot Kitchen:

Veg Biryani: Rs 35 
Poori: Rs 23 
Plain dosa: Rs 16 
Idly: Rs 6

Where: Mullackal Road near Silks and Sarees

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Food Markets in Alleppey

Spices at the local market in Alleppey
Me at Snehadhara homestay eating fresh fruit in Alleppey

If you have access to a kitchen, at a homestay or resort in Alleppey, I would recommend to buy fruits from the markets.

It's cheap!

They also sell spices and fresh juice (Rs 20-25). We tried one of the fresh juices and didn't get sick.

  • 5 medium bananas: Rs 30 
  • Water melon: Rs 50 
  • Grape bunch: Rs 35 
  • Pineapple: Rs 50

Where: Mullackal Road, very close to the bridge

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Other South Indian Dishes
in Alleppey

Food at Snehadhara homestay in Alleppey

Sometimes we ate at the homestay we stayed at (Snehadhara). The family was very nice and showed us how to cook different dishes.

My favorite must be pooma with semolina ('rava' in malayalam), red onion, ginger, chili and mustard seeds. It was extra good with sliced bananas! I get the chills when I think about it!

The trick to get a good taste is probably the ghee (kind of butter) which they use as base in the dish.

Then we had vegetable curry for dinner; with red onion, tamarind powder, fennel, green beans, tomatoes, potatoes, curry leaves, green chilli, carrots, some salt and sugar. Fantastic dish!

They also served 'putu' with lentil curry. It was OK, but I don't think I would have managed to eat it without the curry.

When we took the house boat trip in Alleppey, they served food and snacks. The lunch included fried fish, chicken, sambala, rice and pappadam. Very delicious! And for snacks they cut some fresh pineapple and served fried bananas.

Fried bananas in Alleppey

Food in India 2: Fried bananas

In connection with the field work, we went to Muhamma Center. For lunch, we had a simple dish; rice with curry and vegetables, wrapped in a newspaper. It's common for some locals to wrap dishes in a newspaper.

Vegetarian rice dish in Muhamma, Alleppey
Lunch containing rice, pappadam, fish and chicken in Alleppey, Kerala

Dessert and sweets are also important elements in Indian food.

Jalebi is very popular (it's the red/orange stuff in the picture below). It's sticky and very sweet. One of my former class mates tried the 'elephant cake'. It was black, and honestly it didn't look appealing. You could clearly see that she didn't like it.

Much of the sweets are odd, but you can't exclude it before you have tried it yourself! :-)

Desserts and sweets at a local shop on Mullackal road in Alleppey, Kerala

Food in India 2: Desserts and sweets in Alleppey

Along with the sweets and desserts, it's awfully good to drink hot chai tea :-)

Chai tea in Alleppey
A small shop in Alleppey

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