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"How to Book Train Tickets India
through Cleartrip "

"Cleartrip" (CT) was last updated on April 09, 2012
All information below is subject to change

Do you want to book your train tickets for India through CT? Visit their site and then follow the step-by-step guide below.

Why choose Cleartrip (CT), and not IRCTC:

  • Many travelers have had problems booking train tickets through IRCTC (Indian Railways). I personally fought with IRCTC for two days, and gave up because there were problems each time I tried booking online (I tried to book 12 times).

    With CT, it's easy and hassle free!

    You can try IRCTC first, and if it doesn't go through try CT.

  • Train tickets through CT is a bit more "expensive" than IRCTC, but it's still very cheap.

    Example: A train ticket through IRCTC cost Rs 522 (includes service charge) from Jaipur to Bikaner (class 3A). The same ticket would cost Rs 552 via CT.

Practical information before you start booking:

  • Before booking, you need to know: where you're going and where you're departing from, date, class and type of berth.

  • Remember that you can only book one-way trips through Cleartrip. They’re working on the return trip option.

  • When can you book: Between 23.30 and 00.30 hours (Indian time) the Indian Railways reservation system doesn't allow booking.

  • Advance reservation period: You can book your train tickets 90 days before the scheduled departure of the train. For some inter-city day trains, the advanced reservation period is less than 90 days.

  • Number of passengers: You can book six passengers including children and senior citizen on one ticket

  • What is PNR number: ID number for your booking and the most important detail on your e-ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions: Cleartrip FAQ

Here we go! :-)

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Step 1:

  • Enter your route: "From" and "To"

    Type the 3-4 first letters of the city or use the station code. Don't type in the whole name -- you'll be given options when you type the first letters.

  • Select class: 1A, 2A, 3A, sleeper class etc

  • Select date

  • Select number of people traveling

  • Search trains

cleartrip step 1
Step 1

Step 2:

Choose the train you want to travel with.

Then click on the "Check availability and book".

If you want to see the schedule for this particular route, click on the train name. The schedule tells you which stations the train passes through, distance in km, departure and arrival time at each station and train details (which days it runs).

You can also get a map view. If you click on the map view, you'll be redirected to a Google map.

cleartrip step 2
Step 2

Step 3:

When you've clicked on "Check availability and book", the number of available seats or berths will turn up (if any).

The number is outlined in green.

Click on "Book".

cleartrip step 3
Step 3

Step 4:

Check that the information is right: date, route, time and berth.

Then "Continue".

cleartrip step 4
Step 4

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Step 5:

This is where you log into CT (if you have an account).

You don't have to register with CT to book train tickets in India.

If you don't want to have an account, just type in your email address (this is the email address which Cleartrip will send the electronic ticket to), and skip the light grey area that says "I have a Cleartrip Account and password."

Then "Continue".

cleartrip step 5
Step 5

Step 6:

Fill in your information.

If you want: You can check off "Save this information in my profile and prefill it for me next time"

Then "Continue".

cleartrip step 6
Step 6

Step 7:

This is where you make the payment.

Click on type of payment you prefer: Pay with Net Banking, Pay with Credit Card, Pay with Debit Card, Pay with Cash Card.

If you're using your VISA or Mastercard, click on "Pay with Credit Card."

cleartrip step 7
Step 7

Step 8:

Fill in your card information.

Double check that the information on the right column is correct before you complete the payment.

cleartrip step 8
Step 8

VOILA! You have your tickets! Check your mail :-)

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