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Written by Anna Villaruel

So, where is the best shopping in Seoul?

Seoul is a shopping mecca, covering anything from small boutique shops and markets to enormous shopping centers.

When you're visiting Seoul, you'll probably notice that most Koreans are stylish. So, where do these stylish people shop?


Dongdaemun and Ehwa are known for cheap and stylish clothing, while Sinchon houses boutique shops and sells clothes made by Korean designers.

I've done some extensive shopping in Seoul during my time here and today I can say that Sinchon and Ehwa are my favorites. Read more below ;-)


Hongdae Free Market
in Seoul Korea

Free market in Hongdae district, Seoul

If there's one place you have to visit in Seoul, that has to be the Free Market!

There are so much stuff you can buy here, crafted by independent artists.

This is an open-air market that takes place every Saturday afternoon from March to November.

It can get really crowded, but it's worth the trip. I bought some nice cut-out-cards from a gifted artist. Her cards are truly nice and come as great gifts!

At the market, they sell t-shirts, jewelry, paintings, stationary, handicrafts, ceramics, key chains, hats and so much more. Ah, you'll find so much cool stuff here!

You should stop by!

Open: 1 pm - 5 pm

Where: Hongik Children's Park, not far from Hongik university

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Ehwa Shopping District

Ehwa district in Seoul, Korea

Do some serious Seoul shopping! :-)

Korean students studying in Ehwa must be some of the luckiest people since they're neighboring one of the most popular shopping districts in the city.

Sinchon is an awesome place to shop, but I also enjoyed shopping in Ehwa district because of all the nice and cheap products. I can promise that you will not go bored.

There's one main road, but if you take the time to explore the side streets, you'll find some bargains there like clothing, accessories and make-up. It's really cheap in Ehwa, and it's definitely a shopping paradise for Korean students.

I noticed that the prices are cheaper here than in Dongdaemun and Sinchon because the shopping facilities are catered towards students.

If you get hungry, you'll find loads of small restaurants and street vendors promoting meals for 3000-5000 won!

At the end of the day, I had bought a pair of sunglasses (10,000 won), lipstick (8500 won), two t-shirts for 10,000 won and shorts for 5000 won. Cheap, eh? :-)

My bargains from Ehwa district in Seoul, Korea

Where: The area around Ehwa University

Opening hours: Most shops close at 10.00 pm

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Seoul Shopping Malls
in Dongdaemun

Some of the shopping malls I've visited in Seoul are located in Dongdaemun. Hello APM is the first mall I visited, and the second one is Dota Mall. I just love Dota Mall because they have these small fashion boutique stores at affordable prices.

APM is more of a 'market shopping mall' with booths dominating the building. So, here you can bargain the prices. But you can't bargain at Dota Mall because the prices are fixed.

If I had to choose between these two malls, I would probably say Dota Mall because products at APM Mall are mass produced and I would say, non-original. While at Dota Mall, you get really nice and unique clothing from boutique stores.

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Shops in Sinchon

Shopping in Sinchon, Seou

Most of my buys are from Sinchon, from vintage/independent stores. I just love vintage stores!

You can find clothing made by young Korean designers. The price level in Sinchon is slightly higher because the main deal here is quality clothes.

But I'm telling you this right now; if you want nice vintage bargains, this is the place to go. If I would to choose between vintage shops in Sinchon or in Dongdaemun, I would definitely say Sinchon. Dongdaemun sells more mass produced items.

Most items are in the price range of 10,000-20,000 won (dresses, skirts, t-shirts).

This article was written by Anna Villaruel (my sister) who visited Seoul first time in 2010, and then she lived there for a year from 2011 to 2012. 

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