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Like with the other Southeast Asian countries, the climate in Laos can be divided into three seasons;

Dry, hot and wet season.

Dry season starts lasts from November to February, hot season from March to May and then wet season from June to October.

Rainfall varies regionally, with August generally being the worst month. The wet season tends to bring heavy, but short rainfalls.

Temperatures tend to drop at highland areas, for instance in the far north Laos and in Bolaven Plateau.

All temperatures written below are average temperatures, 
unless otherwise specified.

Vientiane Weather

November to February: minimum 17.6°, maximum 30.5°

March to May: minimum 22.2°, maximum 34.5°

June to October: minimum 23.3°, maximum 32°

Heaviest rainfalls: August

Absolute maximum temperature (not average): 44° (May)

Absolute minimum temperature (not average): 7° (December)


I visited Vientiane in November and December during the dry season. It was hot, dry and sunny every day, but a little cooler at nights. The breeze from the river helped a lot! We would go to one of the riverside restaurants, sit there and feel the breeze. Excellent!

I went on a sightseeing trip by myself in Vientiane. I walked the whole day and it was very hot. The sun was scorching and when I finally got back to the guesthouse, I was wet!

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Luang Prabang Weather

November to February: minimum 12.9°, maximum 32°

March to May: minimum 14.9°, maximum 36°

June to October: minimum 19.8°, maximum 34°

Heaviest rainfalls: August

Absolute maximum temperature (not average): 45° (April)

Absolute minimum temperature (not average): 1° (January)


The temperatures during the dry season in Luang Prabang are warm and comfortable. Sunny days and cooler nights - it was perfect. I visited Luang Prabang in November and had a thin sweater in my bag in case I got cold. I used it when we sat in a songthaew to Kuang Si waterfalls. It was driving fast and we could clearly feel the cooler breeze while driving.

Cold in Luang Prabang, Laos

Laos weather: Cold evening in Luang Prabang

So if you're hiring a motorbike and visiting attractions outside Luang Prabang, bring a sweater.

Early mornings in Luang Prabang are also chilly. We had to bring our sweaters when we watched the monk/novice procession at 6.00 am.

Cold morning in Luang Prabang, Laos

Laos weather: Cold morning in Luang Prabang

In the hot season, it becomes very hot and humid in Luang Prabang and surrounding areas. Always remember to drink lots of water!

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Phongsali Weather 
Far North Laos

November to February: minimum 11.8°, maximum 27.6°

March to May: minimum 14.6°, maximum 32°

June to October: minimum 19.3°, maximum 30.9°

Heaviest rainfalls: July and August

Absolute maximum temperature (not average): 41° (June)

Absolute minimum temperature (not average): -3° (December)


In Phongsali, temperatures drop significantly at night especially in December and January, almost to freezing. The same applies for other northern destinations in Laos, for instance Muang Sing, Luang Namtha and parts of Houa Phan province/Sam Neua.

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Savannakhet Weather 
South Laos

November to February: minimum 16.7°, maximum 32.7°

March to May: minimum 22°, maximum 36.4°

June to October: minimum 22.3°, maximum 33.1°

Heaviest rainfalls: August

Absolute maximum temperature (not average): 42.5° (April)

Absolute minimum temperature (not average): 7° (December)


The weather situation in Savannakhet is pretty much the same as in Vientiane: sunny and dry days. It gets really hot in Savannakhet during the hot season. I mean scorching hot!

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Pakse and Bolaven Plateau Weather 
South Laos

Bolaven waterfalls in south Laos, © Bauch

November to February: minimum 13.9°, maximum 32.9°

March to May: minimum 18.2°, maximum 35°

June to October: minimum 18.8°, maximum 31.2°

Heaviest rainfalls: June and August

Source: and

I visited Pakse and Bolaven Plateau in November. Pakse town during the day was hot and humid , but it became chilly after sunset!

If you're visiting the Bolaven Plateau, the temperatures (in the dry season) are comfortable and cool.

But remember to bring a thin sweater or a fleece sweater. Due to Bolaven's geographic location, the temperatures are a little different/cooler than the areas off the plateau. It has an altitude of 800-1350 meters, so you can just imagine how much colder it gets up there.

The waterfalls in the Bolaven area were powerful and great in the dry season, but I imagine that they're even better in the wet season.

We drove a bike from Bolaven Plateau to Pakse town after sunset, and it was freezing! I wore a long-sleeve, but wished that I had brought my pants as well.

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4000 Islands Weather

A house on 4000 islands in south Laos, ©ł Cichawa

November to February: minimum 13.9°, maximum 32°

March to May: minimum 18.2°, maximum 34°

June to October: minimum 18.8°, maximum 31°

Heaviest rainfalls: June and August

Absolute maximum temperature (not average): 36-39° (March)

Source: and

Daytime temperatures on 4000 islands are hot and humid. I walked around Don Det and it was so hot - I was sweating constantly. The temperatures drop a little in the evening.

What so great is the breeze coming from the Mekong River. It's relaxing to sit at a restaurant, drink Lao beer and feel the breeze.

The water temperatures are nice in November and you can go for a swim. Not only around 4000 islands, but also in Vang Vieng.

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Flood in Laos

The best time to visit Laos is in the dry season because of warm days and cooler night temperatures. If you're visiting Laos in the hot season, a trip to the far north Laos is a good idea so you can get a break from the humidity.

Floods are at their worst from August to October in Laos, flooding the Mekong River basin. Floods combined with typhoons are inevitable and happens every year. The Mekong River runs throughout the country from north to south.

The flood eases up from October and roads become more accessible.

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