Introduction to water tubing in 
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"About water tubing in 
Laos' backpacker town – Vang Vieng"

Nam Song River in Vang Vieng, © Muellek

Last updated on May 11, 2013 
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Tubing used to be VERY popular in Vang Vieng, and was the reason why many backpackers traveled to Vang Vieng.

But ever since the police crackdown on illegal bars along the Nam Song river back in August/September 2012, the number of tubers have decreased dramatically. Tubing is still available though and there are still some backpackers who go tubing. 

Rental price: 50.000-55.000 Kip + deposit

If you're planning on tubing bring a dry bag so your camera, money and clothes don't get wet.

Otherwise you can rent dry bags for as little as 20.000 kip.

You start your journey near the Organic Farm - 4 km from town. The rental price will usually include a free Tuk-Tuk ride, so no worries about how to get there.

While you're floating down the river, you'll see the scenery of Vang Vieng as well. And it's just beautiful!

So, interested in tubing?

There are small agencies along Main Road in Vang Vieng offering tube tours. Otherwise ask the staff at your guesthouse if they rent out tubes!

The tube operators open at 10.00 am and you have to deliver back the tube by 06.00 pm since the facilities can only operate to 6 pm. You must wear a life jacket when you go tubing. 

Be careful when you're floating down the river:

Dozens of backpackers have drowned in the Nam Song river, probably because of the combination of too much alcohol and strong Nam Song currents. Now you have to wear a life jacket, and it's safer with it, but the currents will stay the same. 

I'm going to tell you about a girl we met in Luang Prabang who had her worst nightmare in Vang Vieng.

She wasn't hauled in at all at the end of the day, and had to float "forever" down the river (it felt like forever to her).

She managed to haul in herself despite the current, and ended up walking in just her bikini carrying her tube inside town. This girl was so terrified at that moment when she had problems getting on land.

And not to mention, embarrassed because she got a lot of evil and weird looks while walking in just her bikini. I felt sorry for her.

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