Getting from Southern Thailand (Koh Lipe) to Vietnam or Cambodia?

by Mark
(Koh Lipe)

Question: Just wondering is there any way of getting to either Vietnam or Cambodia relatively cheaply from Southern Thailand. Do I have to go back to Bangkok or does anyone know of any cheap airlines that fly from here or maybe Malaysia? Nearest airport in Thailand is Hat Yai.

Thanks folks


If you want the cheapest option, you should probably consider train/bus to Bangkok. 3rd class seat (train) cost 339 THB. From Bangkok cheap government buses/trains leave for the Thai/Cambodian border towns. Paid 250 B for the government bus from Bangkok to Trat (2010). Of course, this route takes more time...

Train information South Thailand via

You can also combine transportation:
With Air Asia from Hat Yai to Bangkok = 1390 B (mid-Dec). Then bus/train from Bangkok depending on which border town you choose.

Otherwise the cheapest flights I found from Hat Yai to Cambodia/Vietnam were these:
Hat Yai to KL with Air Asia = 690 B (mid-Dec)
From KL to Phnom Penh = RM 254 (about 2300 B)
From KL to Saigon = RM 250

In total = 3000 B

I tried looking at Bangkok airways, but it's too damn expensive! With Bangkok airways, the far south airport is Krabi. From Krabi, you can take the flight to Phnom Penh or Siem Reap. For example the flight from Krabi to Phnom Penh cost whopping 500 USD!!! (tried a flight in mid-Dec).

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