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Build itinerary: Asia Planners FAQ
"Do you need inspiration on where to travel in Asia?"

'Asia Planners FAQ' is a compilation of real questions, answers and comments on Backpacking Tips

Not only do you get help from me, the creator and editor of Backpacking Tips Asia, but also fellow travelers who have been there and done that ;-)

There are dozens of inquiries about itineraries on our site. In this ebook, I've focused on the most important questions and solutions.

You don't need to look them up in several places now - you get them all in one book. Easy peasy. It makes your research a lot easier right? :-)

Asia Planners FAQ is a supplement to my other ebook 'Map Your Adventure'. If you need a detailed step-by-step guide on how to create good itineraries, Map Your Adventure is the right book.

What You'll Learn in this Ebook

You get 46 pages of useful information, which include:

1.1 What are the highlights of Asia, country by country?
1.2 Itinerary advice and transportation to Southeast Asia for 6 months starting from Australia
1.3 Itinerary advice for Southeast Asia
1.4 Traveling from Singapore out of Bangkok from July-September/October
1.5 Backpacking Southeast Asia, into Bangkok and out of Singapore
1.6 My first international trip - planning to backpack in Cambodia, Malaysia and Indonesia
1.7 What is the best circuit for Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam & maybe China
1.8 Backpacking in Southeast Asia for 2 months - will I get bored?
1.9 Backpacking in Thailand for 14 days
1.10 Bangkok to Laos, Cambodia, south islands of Thailand in 30 days
1.11 20 days in Southeast Asia - what to see and do?
1.12 Visiting a large variety of places in just 2 months - possible?
1.13 Itinerary HELP for Asia
1.14 Thailand on the fly - how much planning required for Thailand?
1.15 Confused: Where would you go if you had a month to travel in August 2012?
1.16 Malaysian itinerary for one month
1.17 How to get from (Goa) India to Cambodia
1.18 Itinerary for north India - help!
1.19 Calcutta, Agra, Rajasthan, Mumbai, Goa and Chennai in 21 days?
1.20 Backpacking through Asia alone
1.21 How to overcome the insecurities of traveling alone
1.22 Three friends traveling together - good or bad idea?

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Build itinerary: Asia Planners FAQ

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