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As an avid and female traveler, I like to travel with my usual travel accessories.

Not necessarily because they are pretty things, but because they're very practical.

On the road - female or male - you should be practical because it lightens the weight in your backpack.

Lightweight backpacking is a whole new experience and you avoid busting your knees or back.

But as a female backpacker, I also like to maintain my feminine needs and wants ;-)

This page is aimed at accessories for women, but much of the items below are 'unisex'.

Hope you find something you like! :-)

Money Belts
Travel Accessories for Women

First thing I want to mention is money belts. Every female backpacker brings and should bring a money belt. There are many types, but I like the money belts made of silk so they aren't visible under the shirt and they're pretty comfy on the skin.

I've had my silk money belt for years and I love it!

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Eagle Creek Compression Bags
Travel Accessories for Women

Compression bags are another favorite of mine.

Not just any compression bag, but specifically those from Eagle Creek. I own one set in small, medium and large, and I gave my little sister one compression bag in medium for her travels to South Korea - she hasn't stopped using it. You don't need to backpack to use compression bags, I also use them when I bring my suitcase.

It can be a little confusing at first on how to use them. But after a while, you'll get the hang of it.

You basically stuff small items like undies, bras, bikinis, socks and tops in a bag. You squeeze the air by gently rolling the bag, so you squeeze the air out inch by inch. When the bag is airless, it's flat and good - saves space in your backpack/suitcase, that's for sure :-)

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Travel Sling Bag
Travel Accessories for Women

Another must for female travelers is a sling bag. I like to use my sling bag for day trips and party trips.

You should choose a bag which is big enough to hold a (travel) book, tissues, hand wipes, one toilet paper and a water bottle. You ALWAYS carry a water bottle while traveling in Asia, so please don't underestimate the size ;-)

For instance my sling bag has these measures: width 40cm, height 25cm. I've used bigger sling bags so they could fit shopping items like clothing - I like to have free hands while traveling ;-)

You should avoid leather and anything pricey since it's going to get dirty anyway. And an expensive-looking bag attracts thieves!

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Laundry Soap Kit:
Travel Accessories for Women

In Southeast Asia, you can easily bring your dirty laundry to a laundry shop for a cheap money. But if you're traveling in India or want to save money in general on laundry, I recommend buying a soap kit.

The pros and cons of taking your clothes to a 'dobi' in India:

  • A clear pro-argument is that somebody washes it for you. No hassle there.

  • The way the dobis wash clothes in India is unorthodox. Let me say this; don't bring clothes you love to a dobi - because they 'smash' the clothes against a flat rock several times. They don't exactly think about treating your clothes with gentleness when they do it this way.

All of my clothes have been extra worn out after one wash at the dobi. And many of the pearls from my 'churidars' fell off the garment - my mistake.

You should wash your clothes yourself when traveling in India, so you have complete control of the treatment of your clothes. When I'm India, I always wash my clothes myself unless I'm staying at a place where I know they have a washing machine.

If you decide to go for soap kit, don't forget the universal sink plug! :-)

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Travel Kit Personal Hygiene
Travel Accessories for Women

What I enjoy about travel accessories is the fact they're practical.

For instance I have a travel tooth brush from the brand 'Jordan' which I've used each time. You can fold most travel tooth brushes so they don't take that much space in your toiletry bag.

I also use a pill box for vitamins, or in many cases as a small jewelry box to put my ear rings. The compartments in pill boxes fit small ear rings perfectly!

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Swiss Army Knives
Travel Accessories for Women

I've traveled for a long time, and I know how important it is to carry multifunctional items. Not just any multifunctional item, but the Swiss Army knives.

For instance; I like to shine up my nails without having to stop by a salon in Asia (salons are great too, but you usually don't have the budget to go every time). My Swiss Army knife has a nail file, nail clipper, knife, scissors and much more.

All-in-one. It's the item you won't regret buying -- ever.

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Travel Sewing Kit
Travel Accessories for Women

Sewing kits are a life-saver on the road!

I've used mine a lot because my buttons seem to go missing or seams in my backpack or t-shirt seem to need a face-lift :-P

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iPad Cover
Travel Accessories for Women

Nowadays more and more female travelers bring their iPads for their adventure trips. Right now I'm saving money for an iPad so I haven't had the pleasure to use one during backpacking in Asia.

My sister though, who's also an avid traveler, brings her iPad 2 wherever she goes. To protect your iPad, you should get a cover case or a protective silicone skin.

You bump against a lot of things while on the road, and the easiest way to protect your iPad is to buy a cover. Almost everyone has a cover nowadays for their iPads.

My favorite is the cover or case stand.

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