Avoid traveling with Paramount Angkor Express buses in Cambodia

by Anonymous

Just a note for traveling in Cambodia: Avoid traveling with Paramount Angkor Express.

We were in a horrible accident in July 2010: the driver hit a cow with 90km/h, we flew off the road and landed on the side of the bus. There were many, many wounded and a lot of damage to luggage. We were least injured of all, but still needed weeks to recover. We had a lot of material damage and medical costs but even after dozens of mails (and visits to their office) they don't respond. Even their insurance company, (Caminco Insurance) stopped responding.

It's 6 months later and they are still not taking their responsibility!

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Avoid traveling with Paramount Angkor Express buses in Cambodia

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Apr 05, 2011
Dont travel with Paramount Angkor Express
by: Anonymous

If you are going to Siem Reap, do not travel with this Paramount Bus. Apart from the poor service they have, the staff are rude and irresponsible. My girlfriend almost got punched by one of their staff who apparently had no respect towards woman and had no responsibility for what that's been agreed and negociated.

Here's the story, my girlfriend was planning to take her dog down to Phnom Penh and she had planned this trip a week ealier by double-checking with their ticketing staff and was assured that they would allow her puppy onboard with some extra money to be paid to the driver. But on the day she arrived at their bus stop, they refused to take her puppy albeit the promise they made with her and the fact that her 8-month puppy was unlikely to cause any trouble on the bus.

There are plenty of other decent bus companies like Mekong Express, Virak Buntham (if you want to travel at night), Sok Sokha, etc who would service you with courtesy. Avoid Paramount bus at all cost if you want a fun-filled travel in Cambodia.

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