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"Your questions about traveling with friends,
family and your loved one in Asia,
as well as finding travel partners"

Do you need backpacking tips about travel partners? Or do you just need a travel partner?

First: See whether your question has already been asked below.

If you're just looking for a travel buddy, just post your question or comments below :-)

If you're looking for travel companion, your message will be posted here within 48 hours. Remember to leave contact info! :-)

If you don't want to use this forum and want to ask me privately, please contact me (link opens in a new window) Remember that your privacy is protected and I will not release any contact details! Read the privacy policy

To help you, please read these guidelines first before submitting a question:

  • Read the FAQ first

  • Search this forum first BEFORE you post a question. Your questions might have been answered before :-)

  • If you're looking for a travel partner provide your email address or other contact information.

    Remember to leave out "@" and instead write (at). This is to avoid spamming!

    For example: backpacking(at)

    You should include information on when and where you're going to travel, and the purpose of travel. And maybe a little bit information about yourself so people know who they're dealing with.

    This forum is only a place for finding travel buddies, and not to propose inappropriate activities. Such messages will be deleted in a heartbeat.

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Do you have a question or comments on traveling with friends or loved ones?

Are you looking for a travel partner in Asia?

Great, post your questions and comments right here!

Please include:
- Date, time period and/or destination (if possible)

- When you're done posting, remember to check off the box that says 'receive emails when someone comments the post'. This way, you'll know if someone has answered your request for travel partner ;-)

- Provide your email address or other contact information.

Remember to leave out "@" and instead write (at). This is to avoid spamming!

For example: backpacking(at)

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Hello all. I am planning a cultural/voluntourism holiday and would to meet another like-minded lady to share good times chatting and basic accommodation …

Three friends travelling together -- good or bad idea? 
Question: Hi! Hope someone can help, as I really need advice. Myself and 2 friends want to travel for a few weeks in Asia next summer. Primarily Thailand. …

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