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Three friends travelling together -- good or bad idea?

by Jodie

Question: Hi! Hope someone can help, as I really need advice. Myself and 2 friends want to travel for a few weeks in Asia next summer. Primarily Thailand. I am worried that 3 might be a crowd and lead to arguments. I think it is always better to travel in even numbers. Also, it seems that most places on the Thai islands only have accommodation for pairs - i.e. double or twin rooms. Can anybody offer advice? Thank you!

Answer: Hey Jodie, it really depends on how good friends you are. I traveled in a "threesome" in 2007, and afterwards me and the other girl learned that the 3rd person felt left out. So she decided to travel alone. I didn't know her at all, so of course I felt more bonded to the 2nd girl.

So take a close look into your relationship and be honest with yourself. Is there any chance that some of you will feel left out? How is the friendship situation between you three right NOW?

I understand you think that three persons traveling together might lead to arguments. But seriously, even if you are best friends you're going to run into arguments or intense discussions. It's perfectly normal!

As for rooms, my experiences are good. A lot of accommodations offer triple/"family" rooms in Asia. If not, they can probably offer an extra bed in a twin/double room. We had no problem getting a room for the three of us while traveling!

The same with transportation within cities. Three girls can fit in a Rickshaw in India or a Tuk-Tuk in Thailand and Cambodia.

Hope this helps!

-- Admin and editor

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Three friends travelling together -- good or bad idea?

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Oct 29, 2011
by: Anonymous

Conflict among friends develop when plans are dominated by one person. The best way to make sure that no one if feeling left out, overwhelmed or too empowered is that everyone take part in the planning of the trip. Each person should check out where you are going and have a general idea of activities they would/wouldn't like to participate in. The best way is to be clear that ALL of you will not enjoy ALL of the activities.

Thailand is a great place to get rugged and get lost hope you guys enjoy...

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