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"Things to do in Palolem, India"

palolem beach in Goa

"Palolem Beach Goa" was last updated on April 19, 2012
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So, what can you do in Palolem besides sun bathing and relaxing? :-)

I will tell you. What so great about Palolem is the beaches. Even if you're staying in Palolem, you're not restricted to only that beach. From Palolem it's easy access to other neighboring beaches, which you can explore.

Here are a couple of things!

Enjoy! :-)

Activities in Palolem

Sunset on Palolem beach in Southern Goa
Palolem Beach Goa: Sunset at Palolem Beach

The best and cheapest thing to do is to rent a bike and explore South Goa by yourself. You can drive to the neighbour beaches/coves like Patnam or Rajbag. You have to head south to get there. Or you can take a day-trip to market town Margao (38 km).

Butterfly Beach (Island)

You can rent a boat to get to the secluded Butterfly Beach, which lies between Palolem and Agonda beaches. Or you can walk during the low tide (200 m from main land). Here you can watch cute dolphins swim around the island.


Take a swim in the morning with almost no people close by. Or you can rent a kayak. Kayak rental cost about Rs 250 an hour. When you're sunbathing, watch out for the cows walking around the beach!

Cows on Palolem beach in Goa
Palolem Beach Goa: Cows walking among humans on the beach

A really skinny dog in Palolem, Goa
One of the poor stray dogs in Goa

Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary -

is the 2nd largest animal reserve in Goa. The reserve houses unusual plants and lots of exciting wildlife. Like gazelles, hyenas, porcupines, monkeys, bears, panther and reptiles.

But the chances of seeing these animals are slim. I think it's because of the animals are nocturnal (most of them), so they aren't day active. Like panthers, porcupines, hyenas and some reptiles are nocturnal.

There are no guides, but there are forest paths leading to the water holes, that are easy to follow. Just make sure you have enough gas and water.

House in Palolem, India Weird eel in Palolem, India In the jungle of Palolem in India
A typical house in Goa Some kind of eel - stranded on the beach! Inside the beautiful jungle

Playing on Palolem beach
Palolem Beach Goa: Playing on the beach

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Shops in Palolem

Local sellers in Palolem, Goa
Palolem Beach Goa: Local sellers in Palolem

There are loads of stalls and shops along the road to Palolem beach and inside the residential area by the south side of beach. They sell anything from clothing, wooden jewelry, souvenirs, day-to-day items, hammocks, flip-flops, sarongs and so much more. And remember to bargain!

If you're interested in getting nice "Aladdin" pants or tube dresses, they have these in Palolem (Rs 150-200).

If you can't find a tube dress in the color you want, ask the seller if they have that color in pants. Then ask if they can alter the pants into a dress. They're really good at sewing and they'll usually do this for free. We did this several times in Palolem at a shop on Main Road.

Otherwise, there are persistent Indian ladies who will approach you the minute you've lay down on the beach. They sell beautiful textiles, silk scarves, bikinis, sarongs, jewelry and etc.

We talked to them, and they weren't not from Palolem (we thought they were). The told us that much labor in Palolem comes from other towns in Goa. They follow the tourists, as they said.

If you have nickel allergy, don't buy jewelry in Palolem. An Indian lady wanted to sell bracelets. Before I bought an ankle bracelet, I asked if it was nickel. She told me no. After 24 hours I started to get nasty rashes around the ankle bracelet! So much for not containing nickel...

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Beauty and Massage in Palolem

A local boy in Palolem, Goa At the hair dresser in Palolem
Palolem Beach Goa

There was a small family-run barber shop/beauty parlor by the Main Rd. My friend cut her hair there and paid Rs 30. That was in 2007. The price has probably gone up to Rs 50 nowadays.

Many locals will approach you at the beach and ask if you want a massage. But beware that some of them can be pushy. If they are pushy and you don't want a massage, just say "No," and avoid eye contact with them. They'll usually take the hint after a couple of minutes.

Otherwise, look for massage signs at the south side of the beach. We found a good place in the area, and it was run by a family. Expect to fall asleep during a massage. But try to keep your eyes open, just in case anyone starts to peek inside your bag.

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