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This Backpacking Guide is written by a real person who has actually been there BACKPACKING.

This website covers backpacking for beginners and intermediates, but even a veteran might learn a thing or two!

The goal is to help you get the most out of your adventure(s) by sharing knowledge and personal experience from my journeys in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong, South Korea and India.

So, I've created a website for you containing backpacking tips, basically things you should know about to keep you safe and happy!

View of Darjeeling in north India
I'll show you how to:

Build a flexible and realistic itinerary so you can visit the places you want in Asia and at the same time keeping it real

Travel cheaply, but never starve or how to flashpack without losing all your money

Build your confidence for backpacking alone and not end up in a ditch in Asia

Save money for your trip and calculate your backpacking budget

Apply for a tourist visa and complete a border crossing as smoothly as possible

There's no such thing as bad journeys, only bad advice: You'll find over 500 articles and posts at Backpacking Tips, with freebies and guides like packing lists and budget tutorial.

Planning a trip to a region you barely know can be overwhelming and confusing, so that's why I've done my best to offer excellent and true advice.

I'm confident that you'll pick up a few tips on how to get started! Backpacking Tips covers a lot more than planning a backpacking trip.

You'll find dozens of destination tips, completely honest reviews of guesthouses, hostels, hotels, restaurants and sightseeing attractions. This site will keep you busy ;-)

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Travel Information and
Backpacking Tips for Countries

montage for backpacking tips
I'm also going to show you how beautiful and exciting Asia is.

... Not to mention, cheap and comfortable ;-)

You'll be reading about my favorite places like Luang Prabang, Chiang Mai, Ko Phi Phi, Kuala Lumpur, Varkala and much more!

  • Palolem in South Goa is one of my favorite beach destinations in India - it's definitely worth a visit. If you get tired by the beaches in India, you might like exploring the museums in Delhi City or check out the hippie spirit in Pushkar. Vast and colorful, India offers the backpacker a large spectrum of things to see and do, including the ruins in Hampi.

pushkarini hampi; one of the attractions in south india
Pushkarini, Hampi, South India

  • Another favorite destination is Malaysia. Find out what Kuala Lumpur has to be offer the budget traveler; creepy cheap accommodation and delicious street food cuisine. Snorkeling around Sipadan island just outside Borneo mainland is also a must. Semporna is the gateway to Sipadan and surrounding islands.
  • Beneath Cambodia's sad past, lies opportunities. Go off the beaten track in Battambang or spend some time on the beaches of Sihanoukville
  • Since I'm originally from the Philippines, writing about my native country is mandatory. You should travel to Philippines
  • If Laos is not your list, then you're missing a lot! ;-) You'll love culture center Luang Prabang. You might also enjoy the Bolaven Plateau just outside Pakse or chilling out at 4000 islands, including Don Det.
  • Thailand is the major traveler magnet, with pearls like Koh Pha Ngan, Koh Tao, Kanchanaburi, Pai and of course Koh Phi Phi.
  • beach in thailand
    Mya Beach, Ko Phi Phi islands

  • Southeast Asia is almost on everyone's list, but don't forget the other amazing Asian countries in the far east, like Hong Kong and mega city Seoul in South Korea.
  • Seoul in South Korea in the spring
    Seoul, South Korea in the spring

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Backpacking Tips is not only about destinations, but also preparation! :-)

  • Don't know where to start? I will show you how to get started from A to B. Welcome to Guide on how to get started
  • You're visiting Asia to have fun. Honestly, fun also means risks ;-) Find out more about Cheap travel insurance
  • Speaking of risks... in my 'Health'-section, you'll find loads of useful tips on food, hygiene, vaccines, jet lag, homesickness and so much more. Check out Health
  • Asian food is really, really delicious and you'll get addicted to food stalls and their cheap, lovely meals. Find out more about the food in Asia
    • Food in Asia
      Food in Asia

      • Reading about the local culture is recommended so you lower the chances of offending someone. Start with the culture in Thailand
      • When the practical planning is over, you have to make a packing list. Here you'll find lists for clothes, footwear, toiletries, backpacking essentials, electronics and backpacking gear. Find out more on Packing List

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      When you're backpacking in Asia you have to expect to face both small and big challenges, from practical to almost dangerous situations.

      And trust me, I messed up a lot of times. But I learned from my mistakes. I've experienced most of the common backpacking problems/dangers: anything from packing too much to moped accidents and scams...!

      So, be prepared, use common sense and follow your gut feeling!


      Harriet, UK: "This site really helped me and I just wanted to personally thank you for giving me a bit of support, knowledge and inspiration to not give up!" Keep on travelling and writing well!

      Chelsea, UK: "Hi Amanda, Wow and thanks. I have just read the first page of your site and already I have a huge smile and have the confidence and excitement to confirm that the decision to take a years sabbatical leave from work next year, was definitely the best decision of my life so far. I can't wait to read the rest of your site - thank you so much for putting together, such a well-organised and easy to use site - much love x"

      Lucas, Argentina: "Thank you very much Amanda!! You have been extremely helpful and your web page is like a Backpacker's Bible!!"

      I'm always adding new countries to Backpacking Tips The last countries were South Korea, Hong Kong and Vietnam :-) This website is an ongoing project and I want to cover most countries in Asia :-)

      This site was originally started to help budget backpackers, but in 2011 I extended the scope of backpacking tips to 'luxury backpackers', also known as flashpackers.

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      Me in Varkala, Kerala, India
      Me in Varkala, India
      I've been living the backpacking dream; eating my brains out in Malaysia, exploring the wild and wet in Thailand, doing the culture-train in Laos, drinking and partying in India.

      I love writing. I love giving advice.

      Backpacking Tips is my contribution to you so you can have the time of your life in Asia :-)

      Thanks for visiting and I hope that you find what you're looking for :-)

      Happy reading,

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