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Packing List for Winter in Seoul, South Korea

by Rove

Hi. We're going to South Korea, specifically in Seoul, this December. I've read your article about temperatures in Seoul and a list of what to bring during backpacking. I was also looking for backpacking list when travelling to Asian countries during winter season. I want to pack light specially when we are just staying for a week. I was thinking, our bags might bloat with thick winter clothes.

Hope you can share some travel tips when travelling to Asian countries during winter season :) thanks a lot!

Answer: Hey Rove,
hope this post isn't too late! As I mention in the article, it gets cold in Seoul in December, but the worst month is January.

When it comes to clothes I would definitely bring: (for 1 week - light packing)
- A winter jacket
- Two warm sweaters/turtlenecks (one more casual and one for dine-out)
- Two-three long-sleeved shirts
- Two jeans/pants
- Gloves
- Scarf
- Wollen hat
- Underwear
- Thin wool socks (3-4 pairs)

If you get easily cold like I do, you should also bring 2-3 tank tops/t-shirts and long johns (2). If you find out that you need more clothes, you can just track down the nearest market/mall and buy stuff there at cheap rates.

To save weight, wear some of the items above on the airplane to Seoul, like the jeans, long-sleeved shirt, socks, winter jacket, gloves and scarf.

PS: I've consulted with my sister who lived in Seoul for one year (2011-2012), so this should be alright :-)

A full packing list for backpacking during the winter season in Asia will come! Thanks for letting me know :-)


Posted: Nov 26, 2012

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