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Malaysia Budget

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Here are the prices which should be included in the planning of your Malaysia budget!

First, a couple of backpacking tips before we start!

  • It's commonly known that Borneo has higher prices than in the Malay Peninsula. That's because Borneo is a hot spot for tourists and travelers.

  • But as other places, there are local differences in prices on Borneo. Like, it's cheaper for food in Semporna than in Kota Kinabalu.

  • Food and drinks are usually more "expensive" at the airports.

    For instance; we flew from Tawau airport, and we bought a coke for 3 RM, which is twice as much as cokes are the supermarkets. During the flight to Kota Kinabalu, I bought a small bottle of water for RM 4 on the airplane...!

  • If you're planning on visiting Borneo and you're flying from Kuala Lumpur, you should also include the flight price (Air Asia) in your Malaysia budget.

Remember that the average prices listed below are subject to change and varies from city to city, from place to place.


Water (small bottle): RM 0.99 - 1,5

Price depends on which brand you want to drink.

Water (big bottle): RM 1.20-2

Cigarettes (20): RM 9-13

The price of smoke depends on the brand. Example: Marlboro cost more than Camel.

Soda in can (Coke, Sprite, Pepsi): RM 1- 2,5

Juice: RM 1

Nescafe: RM 1,50

Local potato chips: From RM 1.50

Pringles: RM 4.95

Cookies/crackers: From RM 2.50

Tea: From RM 2


Carlsberg, Tiger, Anchor beer (can): RM 5-9

Tiger beer (bottle): RM 11

Heineken, Skol, Corono, Victoria Bitter: RM 8- 15

Hiegaarden, Leffe, Paulaner: RM 13-20

Drinks/Cocktails: RM 8-15

Beauty & Health

Shampoo: From RM 10

Travel tissues: RM 3.50

Tooth paste: From RM 2

Sunscreen: From RM 30 (brands like Coppertone)

Stomach tablets: From RM 3.50

Antibacterial liquid for hands: From RM 5

Massage: RM 78-90

Manicure or pedicure: RM 38

Food at markets,
local restaurants and food vendors:

Soups: From RM 3

Noodle dishes: From RM 4

Nasi dishes: From RM 3.50

Rotis: From 20 sen

Dessert: From RM 0.50

Fresh fruit in bag: RM 1-2

Grilled food: From RM 0.20

Drinks in bag: From RM 1

Hot tea: From RM 2


PADI diving open-water course: average 950 RM

Diving permit: 40 RM (for Sipadan Island)

Snorkeling: 30-40 RM

Conservation charge for the Perhentian Islands: 5 RM


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Taxi: From RM 5

Taxi costs depend on distance and when you grab a cab. If you take the cab after 12 at midnight, they charge you 50% extra of the price given.

Bus from KL Puduraya Bus station to KLIA: RM 12

Train from KL International Airport to KL Sentral (speed train): RM 35

Bus from KL Sentral to LCCT airport (domestic flights like Air Asia -- with Aerobus + Skybus): RM 8 with Aerobus and RM 9 with Skybus

Putra Line transport: From RM 1

When we were on our way to Chinatown, we bought a one-way ticket from KL Sentral to Pasar Seni station to get there. It was only one station and it cost 1 RM.

Monorail transport: From RM 1.20

Bus from KL to Kuala Besut (with Mahligai Express): RM 40

Bus from KK to Semporna (with Dyana Express): RM 75

Other costs:

Laundry: RM 6-8

Internet: RM 2-6 (30 minutes)

Internet (on Borneo -- Semporna): RM 2 per hour

Internet (on Borneo - KK): 50 sen per 10 minutes

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