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India Budget Accommodation
Pushkar in Rajasthan

"Reviews of accommodations in Pushkar, Rajasthan"

"India Budget Accommodation Pushkar" was last updated on April 13, 2012
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Looking for a place to stay in Pushkar? :-)

Pushkar is a small town catered towards tourists and backpackers. So, that means plenty of sleeping options; from budget to more luxury variants.

I only spent a couple of days in Pushkar (March 2011), so I only stayed at Hotel Oasis.

Fear not, I will add more reviews to this page as I stumble upon them.

Hotel Oasis

Room at Hotel Oasis in Pushkar, north India
India Budget Accommodation: My room at Hotel Oasis

Price per night: Rs 500 (single non-AC room), Rs 1200 (AC double room)

During Pushkar Fair, the rates go up: Rs 1200 (non-AC room), Rs 2200 (AC double room)

Internet: 30 min = Rs 10

The reason I chose Oasis is because they advertised on their website that they had a swimming pool.

I arrived at this hotel around noon. The Indian manager was very friendly and nice. What struck me at first was the two wall clocks hanging behind him.

One stating the time for India, and one for Israel.

The manager told me that the hotel was almost fully booked and that they had one room left. He told me several times that I should take a look at the room first before I made a decision.

Based on this behavior, I sensed the last room was the worst room they had.

And boy, I was right.

During the day, I looked into my neighbor's rooms and they looked cleaned and less shabby.

Bathroom at Hotel Oasis in Pushkar, north India
India Budget Accommodation: Bathroom at Hotel Oasis

My room was worn out. They hadn't even cleaned the room when I arrived, so I had to wait for the cleaning boy to appear.

The toilet was disgusting, it was still brown with things I don't want to even mention here. It looked like someone had taken a dump everywhere in the bathroom.

I still decided to take the room because I REALLY wanted to take a dip in their swimming pool.

Even if I said 'yes' to the manager about taking the room, he still asked: Is the room OK? Are you sure?

So, he was not trying to sell me a bad room. Even if I had pre-booked a room a couple of days in advance, he still gave me a chance to not accept the room and move on to another hotel. I really appreciated that.

I would just advise you to not choose this room. The manager will probably tell you that.

Ordinary room at Hotel Oasis in Pushkar, north India
India Budget Accommodation: This is one of the better rooms at Hotel Oasis

The major drawback of this hotel was the trance parties played all night long. I'm not exaggerating.

I only slept for 2 hours before I had to wake up to catch a bus. The trance party stopped around 04.30 in the morning. The walls are thin at this place, so you can hear everything.

For Israeli backpackers, I think this place is very good. A sociable place.

I didn't encounter any other nationalities at the hotel. To me, it was a hotel that catered towards Israeli travelers (hence the Israeli wall clock). Israelis are cool people. I got to know a lot of Israelis in Goa back in 2007.

But for me, I prefer a combination of nationalities. I didn't get to try their swimming pool either because they were in the process of cleaning the water. It was ready in the evening, but I was on a camel safari then.

Best-rated accommodation in Pushkar

Here are some suggestions on where to sleep in town:

Hotel Mama Luna: from Rs 150 per night

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Atithi Guesthouse: from Rs 250 per night

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Hotel Kanhaia Haveli: from Rs 300 per night

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Inn Seventh Heaven: from Rs 950 per night

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Share your story, tip or review of a hotel or a guesthouse you like! :-)

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