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Food of Thailand -
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Last updated on Jan 15, 2012
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Don't know where to eat in Bangkok?

The food of Thailand is amazing! I can promise you that you won't have a problem finding delicious Thai food in Bangkok.

Many restaurants can be found along the streets of Soi Rambuttri and Khao san road, and you can even find McDonalds and Starbucks.

They serve a mix of Thai dishes and Western food. You can either have a drink while watching all kinds of people go by, or you can sit inside.

Most bars play extremely loud music though, so you probably have to scream instead of talking to your friends! :-P

I'm afraid I don't remember the names of all the restaurants or cafes I tried, because I ate at food stalls most of the time.

So here's what I've got for you!

Food stalls and Food Vendors
in Banglamphu

Banana pancake on Khao san road in Bangkok, Thailand
Food of Thailand: Making a banana pancake in Khao San road (April 2010)

If you want to eat cheap cheap Thai food, I suggest you head for Khao San Rd (KSR), Soi Rambuttri (SR) and/or Chinatown.

Here are a few choices from the vast selection of Thai food:

  • Cheap delicious chicken noodles (pork, egg and veggies as well)

  • Panang Curry

  • Pork with fried vegetables

  • Lots of different quick meals like pancakes, fruits (they will slice it for you)

  • Fruit shakes and juices

  • Fried bugs (scorpions as well)

  • Barbequed pork or chicken

  • Dried squid or fish...

... and the list keeps going on!

Panang Curry

The Thai version of Panang Curry usually contains coconut milk, sugar, fish sauce, Thai basil leafs, ground red chilli, ground peanuts, meat (beef, chicken, pork etc) and of course the Thai Panang Curry Paste!

Prices range from: 10 B - 60 B

Here are some examples:

  • The plain pancakes = 10 B

  • Pancakes with chocolate, banana and other goody extras = 15 B

  • Buy veggy Pad Thais from food vendors = 25 B, with egg = 30 B, with egg and chicken = 40 B

    A fruit stand in Soi Rambuttri in Bangkok, Thailand
    Food of Thailand: Grab a fruit shake in BKK

  • Three spring rolls = 25 B

  • Sticky rice with mango = 20 B

  • Sliced fruit = 15 B

  • I love the banana shakes they sell on Soi Rambuttri = 20 B

    They blend fresh bananas, sugar and some unknown liquid (don't remember what it is). Perfect for breakfast or lunch!

The four flavors of Thailand
Food of Thailand - Four flavors of Thailand - the pic is taken from Chiang Mai, but the flavors are still the same

If you pick noodles, you can either add ground red chili, sugar, vinegar with chili or ground peanuts. These are the typical flavors you'll find on your table (take a look at the picture above).

If you want to experiment with all the flavors -- try one at a time (adding sugar to fried noodles may taste...different).

It was always full at the food stalls (especially in the evenings), but it doesnt't take long until there's an available seat.

Note: There are food stalls and vendors everywhere in Bangkok. It's not limited to the areas I've mentioned.

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Sawasdee Restaurant

Sawasdee Restaurant is very popular, especially during the nights. The best part about Sawasdee was their access to "Shisha" (smoking water pipes). It cost 300 B, and they kept refilling it! ;-)

I tried the Pad Thai here (April 2010), but I have to admit that the pad thais you find on the streets are a lot better in taste, and cheaper! They advertise that they have the "best Pad Thai", but I disagree.

Where: Soi Rambuttri, not far from Rambuttri Village Inn.

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Oi Hungry Restaurant

Pad thai at a restaurant in Soi Rambuttri in Bangkok, Thailand
Food of Thailand: Pad Thai

I liked the Pad Thai here a lot better than at Sawasdee restaurant!

The first day we arrived in Bangkok in April 2010, we went right to this place because it looked awfully relaxing to eat while you're watching people go by. My boyfriend tried the satay chicken and was content. A friendly staff as well :-)

Satay chicken at a restaurant in Soi Rambuttri in Bangkok, Thailand
Food of Thailand: Satay chicken

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Moka Coffee

I noticed this small coffee shop when we went shopping in Soi Rambuttri. It was very nice to have a real cup of coffee. I think it was the best coffee we ever had on the trip! My boyfriend's espresso cost 75 B.

At Moka Coffee they sell paintings and toys, and have a sweet design to it!

Website: Pets on Art

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O Bangkok

All I can say is good pizzas and lasagnas!

Where: Soi Rambuttri

Back-up food when the shops are closed
Minimarts and 7-11

Where to eat in Bangkok after closing time?

When the shops and stalls are closed, there are 7-11 on Khao san road and Soi Rambuttri.

Otherwise, you can find 7-11s scattered around the city.

Prices for basic things at minimarts and 7-11:

Bottle of water: From 5-8 B (depends on brand and size)
Marlboro cigarettes: 78 B
Lighter: 10 B Juice: 18 B
Deodorant: 44 B
Listerine: 39 B
Tooth paste: 39 B
Napkins (Kleenex): 17 B

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